Our mission is to stop Caregiver burnout by sending mom’s & dad‘s of chronically ill/disabled children on a rejuvenating “Dream” getaway! Help us help these parents. Donate today by clicking the buttons on the tops or bottoms of our pages!


How To Apply for a Dream:

Right now we are excited to be granting Dreams to caregivers through an organization called Hopekids.org.

Please go to their website and proceed through their application process. Once you have been approved then you will be added to our list! 

Please keep in mind we are a brand new foundation. We’ve granted 4 wonderful “Dreams” and hoping to grant 8 in 2020. 

You can help us send caregivers on “Dreams” faster if you’ll follow our Instagram page and invite your friends to do the same


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A Little About Us

There are hundreds of thousands of parents caring for a chronically ill or disabled child across the US that are suffering from caregiver burnout!!

They are completely exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. But they lack time to care for themselves which leads to burn out.

They need time to get away for self-care, to rest & recharge . We call it Grant A Dream!

We send these parents on a rejuvenating “Dream” getaway so they can experience a desperately needed time of refreshing!

Help us help these moms & dads!

Your donation makes you a champion of dreams!

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